Modular Steering Components

A simple solution to something that should have always been simple!.....

Our interchangeable raw stainless steel steering wheel button and display mounts are a very stylish and cost effective solution to your mounting requirements.




The whole design is based around the centre hub which mounts between your steering wheel and (usually) your quick release device. **Please note that if you have a low or no 'dish' steering wheel, you will probably need the 3mm hub spacer to give sufficient bolt head clearance**         


The hub is made to suit 70mm PCD and 74mm PCD 6 hole steering wheels. This covers almost all of the 6 hole market.

We have a range of bolt on items to then connect to this hub including a range of left, right or bottom button sets.

We have various specifically designed dash/display mounts including Race Technology's Dash4Pro and Dash2/Pro, the latter with the option of 4 button holes. 

We also have some universal dash/display mounts. One design is designed for use wit the Quadlock mounting system which is available for many iPhones or as a universal adhesive adapter. The other is a simple flat surface design which allows the use of 25mm thick 3M Dual Lock. Either of these can be used for displays such as Racelogic's Laptimer or Vbox displays. They can also be used for shiftlight mounting. We have also used these with iPhone's and iPod's using Harry's Lap Timer (and other similar apps) as a laptimer/delta display.


In addition to steering wheel mounting, we also have a WELD ON chassis tab which would then allow the mounting of our dash mounts to a steering column etc.. As sn alternative to welding this on, we offer a stainless steel 90 degree bent 'bolt on' option to achieve similar results.

Please contact us with any other requirements you may have and these can be catered for with a nominal design fee.