AUDI TT CUP RACER (TTCR) Flow Matched Injectors (Set of 4) (BWA K03 06F906036(A/G))

AUDI TT CUP RACER (TTCR) Flow Matched Injectors (Set of 4) (BWA K03 06F906036(A/G))

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***£150 CASHBACK for your used set of injectors! This offer can also be availed as an upfront discount on listed prices if you prefer to send your used injectors to us in advance. In this instance, please email in advance. Please note, to avail this benefit, the return of your used injectors must be accomplished within 14 days of the delivery of the reconditioned set and must be OEM, not aftermarket/pattern parts.***

Here we have a set of 4 OEM RECONDITIONED and flow matched VW GDI injectors, compatible with the BWA VWAG engine utilised in the Audi TTCR Racing Series. Our rigorous multistage cleaning process ensures each injector is performing optimally. Further, we perform flow tests at three distinct RPM speeds.

Experience shows that used injectors can exhibit significant variability, with flow rates ranging from 70% to 112% of the average NEW injector. Furthermore, we've observed poor spray patterns in numerous instances. We find approximately 30% of injectors that we test are more than 5% away from the average stock flow, and about 17% of those tested are unserviceable (and consequently scrapped).

Our testing of BRAND NEW injectors has revealed variations up to 4.6% at High RPMs & cost over £1000 a set! However, we ensure all our sets are finely matched to maintain consistency, with each injector set within 2-3% of each other at high RPMs. In addition, within 5% at mid and low RPM ranges.

Choose from three available options: injectors with NO seals (£160 after cashback), injectors with NEW aftermarket seals (£190 after cashback), or injectors with NEW genuine VW seals (£280 after cashback). Please note that the cost difference includes seal fitting time and the risk involved fitting the seals.

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