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Custom Steering Wheel 8 Button Panel

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Here are our custom steering wheel button mounts (up to 8 buttons).

The button labels are customisable and any simple logo (musty be provided by the buyer) can be added as part of this price.

Lead time is 1-3 weeks.

Fits 70 or 74mm PCD steering wheels (6 bolt)

Not suitable for fully flat steering wheels (must be slightly dished).

Price is for the enclosure (top & bottom) only, not buttons or wiring etc.

We can also supply momentary and / or latching buttons and can also put you in touch with Racing Circuits who can wire it for you or even make this a wireless setup!

EXPECTATIONS - These are plastic, 3d printed in a carbon fiber infused plastic for strength and rigidity. Due to the nature of 3d printing, some manufacturing lines are visible all over and some rough texture to the inner sides (non visible). The photos are all of this quality in an un-modified condition. Due to the hardening process, there will be slight distortion on bolt holes but will always go in with a little tension.

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