Honda Civic Type R COMPLETE Spitter and Air Dam Kit Civic Cup Spec EP3 - UPACLICK

Honda Civic Type R COMPLETE Spitter and Air Dam Kit Civic Cup Spec EP3

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These are proper splitters that mount to the chassis at the correct angle and generate actual downforce! They are NOT just fastened to the front bumper for looks!

This kit includes;

  • CNC Cut Genuine Buffalo Board (or equivalent quality) Splitter (NEED TO SELECT LENGTH IN OPTIONS)
  • Laser Cut & Folded Front Splitter Mount
  • Replacement (Billet EN24T) Wishbone Bolts (incorporating the rear splitter mounts.)
  • Laser cut and folded Air Dam (80mm high) with built in 'L' Brackets
  • End brackets to fit once dam is cut to size
  • All hardware and fasteners

Items are raw finish (aluminium/buffalo board etc.) but look great if you paint black!


  • Longer Splitter - (for facelift (some use short, see pics), facelift Mugen etc. or if you want a larger shelf). This comes with the front edge long which you can either leave or to trim yourself after fitting (with a jigsaw).


  • The picture of the white car and the white yellow black car are the standard length splitter (recommended for standard bumpers and best performance in Civic Cup)
  • The picture of the white and blue car are of the longer splitter option that you cut the front to suit afterwards.

Do not run this on a car that is so low that this makes contact with the floor or curbs under cornering. It is made to withstand air pressure downwards not upwards impacts!

Fitting (Mechanical experience and tools required!!!);

  1. Remove the front bumper
  2. Remove the left and right lower crash protectors
  3. Replace the front wishbone bolts with the ones supplied
  4. Fasten the front splitter mount to the M8 holes where the lower crash structures were.
  5. Lift the splitter up, fix the rear with some M10x30mm Bolts and washers
  6. Mark the front mount holes (USE ALL HOLES!)
  7. Remove the splitter and drill the holes
  8. Re attach and bolt the front mount to the splitter using the coach bolts.
  9. Trim Bumper if needed (depends on type).
  10. Mark the air dam location so it is as tight up as possible to the bumper
  11. Remove bumper or remove the splitter
  12. Screw dam to the splitter (1/2" long screws)
  13. Trim the dam ends to match the splitter (sheet metal shears or grinder)
  14. Fit the stainless steel end brackets.
  15. Re-fit the bumper (or splitter).

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