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Quadlock Universal Dash/Phone/iPod Mount - Modular Steering Assembly

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This is our favourite universal dash/phone/iPod mounting system.

Use this with one of our centre hub mounts to mount on your steering wheel or a weld on or bolt on mount for your dash/column etc. You can also add side button attachments from our modular steering range.

Transform your phone or iPod into a steering wheel mounted data logger/laptimer using one of the many apps available in the App Store and Google Play.

 So the 3 elements to this design are;

The Modular Quadlock Adapter (this item), the Universal Quadlock Female Mount (option on this listing) or a specific quadlock phone case (amazon, ebay etc.) and the Quadlock Male Mount (option on this listing).

You can purchase a specific iPhone Quadlock case on ebay or Amazon for your device instead of using the Universal Female Mount if you prefer.

 Our Modular Steering Wheel Components are Stainless Steel (raw finish) interchangeable components to facilitate the mounting of displays / buttons / dash / laptimers / shiftlights.

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